This article is about preserving flowers, leaves, and other foliage from your garden, yard, or bouquet, in a food dehydrator, thus extending their beauty in flower arrangements that will last to, and through, the winter months, or even beyond. Here you will find simple steps on drying flowers with a food dehydrator to produce a potpourri of color and fragrance.

The starting point is the selection of flowers. I use flowers throughout the following explanations but it includes other foliage that can be dried as supplements to a wreath, or any other dried arrangements that the imagination creates. Flowers, selected for drying, can be anywhere along the bloom but not past the point of full bloom. Do not use bloom that is damaged, by blight, insects, wind, or withered. If the flower has been subjected to pesticide, or dirt, it can be sprayed with a pump type mist sprayer, similar to one of the window cleaner sprayers, then gently shaken to remove as much water as possible. Never use detergents, or cleaner sprays.

Most food dehydrators have trays that are inch apart, that provides plenty of clearance if drying flower petals, or leaf type foliage separately, but for drying a complete floral bloom remove one or two trays, on the drawer type dehydrators, to accommodate an entire flower. The trays should be clean. I have lined the trays with parchment paper, but many food dehydrators have non-stick sheets available that fit their drying shelves. You need room when drying flowers keeping them spread out so as not to touch each other causing discoloring or distortion. A thermostat on the food dehydrator should range between 100 deg F and 140 deg F. Flower petals will dry well around 100-120 deg F for 2 to 5 hours.

A discussion about drying flowers would not be complete without mentioning Roses. Of all flowers from the garden, or florist, to me, roses and dried rose petals, produce the best aromatic fragrance, and potpourri, as any other dried flower. Their perfume seems more permeating, and is longer lasting than most blooms.

In earlier times flowers were dried by burying them in sand, as well as hanging them in a bag made out of paper, or porous cloth. These methods were time consuming, in most cases up to several weeks. It becomes clear now, why food dehydrators have come into vogue for making dried flower arrangements. The drying process is very less involved, less mess, and the drying time reduced to between the two to three hour range. This reduced time in processing contributes to a better quality of dried flower.

In summary, drying flowers, or foliage, in a food dehydrator has advantages over a microwave. Food dehydrators provide a wider drying area so items do not come in contact with each other causing spoilage of the petals during the drying process. Food dehydrators are able to provide for higher volumes of produce, not only do they have larger drying capacity, but can accommodate larger and more bulky flowers.


You can enforce total control over your plants as they develop if you grow them in an indoor environment such as a grow room.

With the right sort of maintenance, you’ll ensure that your plants will become the best mature examples that you could possibly raise. In addition, you can raise plants throughout the year, regardless of what season it is, when you equip an indoor area to function as your grow room.

In areas of the world where the weather can be harsh, you’ll especially benefit from having indoor growing facilities that are protected from the elements. It’s a given that you must own or have access to an indoor space that is large enough to accommodate all of the plants that you plan to grow, and that could entail renting a space other than your home.

Having secured the space to grow in, the next step is arming yourself with the gear that you’ll need to make it all happen. Study up on the equipment that it takes to make plants grow under your roof, and with a little bit of research, you’ll become up to date with the hardware that you’ll have to invest in.

There’s a wealth of knowledge provided online, especially from those who provide equipment for potential hydroponics growers who want to discover how to get started. You’ll likely learn that the first major investment you’ll have to make will be in LED grow lights; without these, most grow rooms cannot function very well.

Most indoor spaces are too dark to grow plants without the aid of some electrical artificial lighting that replaces sunlight. That’s where the grow lights is significant, because it can simulate the natural light from the sun, except it can keep supplying light as long as you need it to.

While you could keep your lights turned on 24/7 to give your plants the maximum amount of growth stimulation, you’ll find that even plants need some darkness to be healthy. When it comes to the expense of maintaining an indoor grow space, electricity is going to be a major factor because it requires a surprising amount of power to run the lights you’ll need.

Air cooling equipment may also be a burden that you’ll have to bear among your startup costs, particularly if you purchase the hot-burning variety of electrical grow lights for your room. You need to protect your plants from an overabundance of heat, because that will stunt their growth or potentially kill them.

You’ll pay a lot in start-up costs, but once you’re up and running, you’ll likely find that your grow room is extremely productive and a good investment.


Les statistiques amricaines montrent quun nombre alarmant de personnes se blessent gravement avec leur tondeuse : plus de 80 000 personnes par an. Si on se base sur le nombre de tondeuses sur le march, cest presque une blessure et demie pour 1 000 tondeuses, un chiffre qui augmente pour ce qui est des tondeuses autoportes. La vrit est quon ne peut toutefois pas se passer de tondeuses, mais toutes les tondeuses ne sont pas dangereuses.

Robomow est une tondeuse robotise et automatise qui offre une vaste gamme de fonctions de scurit spcialement conues et testes dans le but de rduire le risque de blessure. Lune de ces fonctions est lajout de pare-chocs quips de capteurs hautement sensibles. Grce l’utilisation de la technologie de proximit laser, Robomow peut dtecter des personnes ou des objets proches et, si besoin est, s’arrter pour assurer la scurit. Si une personne touche la tondeuse pendant son fonctionnement, les lames sarrteront de tourner, liminant ainsi toute possibilit de contact entre la personne et les lames puissantes.

En plus des pare-chocs quips de capteurs, Robomow possde galement un systme de dtection dinclinaison et d’lvation. Tous les mouvements imprvisibles ne sont pas causs par des personnes. Parfois, un sol dnivel ou des objets dans la pelouse peuvent faire dangereusement pencher votre tondeuse, exposant ainsi les lames ou projetant des objets depuis le dessous de la tondeuse. Si la tondeuse Robomow penche au-dessus des angles prrgls, une procdure darrt durgence se dclenche, arrtant les lames en moins de deux secondes. Cela vous permet danalyser la situation de manire efficace et dliminer le risque avant que la tonte ne reprenne.

Il ne faut pas ignorer le fait que les enfants sont curieux et quils pourraient tre attirs pour le tout nouvel outil de jardin. C’est pourquoi Robomow possde un verrou de scurit enfant, empchant les jeunes enfants de faire tourner accidentellement les lames. Plus important, le fonctionnement mains-libres de Robomow par rapport l’intrt des enfants. La pelouse sera tondue efficacement sans que personne n’ait toucher la tondeuse !

Cest dans llimination de linteraction humaine que Robomow impressionne le plus. Grce lautomatisation du processus de tonte, vous n’aurez pas besoin de vous approcher de la tondeuse. La pelouse pourrait tre mme tondue pendant votre absence. En dpit des nombreuses options de scurit dont une vaste gamme de tondeuses sont pourvues, lerreur humaine et les utilisations inappropries sont toujours possibles. Llimination de linteraction humaine est une option de scurit inhrente la conception de Robomow : les nombreuses options de scurit supplmentaires ajoutent simplement une seconde couche de scurit pour les circonstances imprvues.

Pendant le processus de fabrication de Robomow, chacune de ces fonctions de scurit sera soigneusement teste selon des normes strictes avant son dpart de lusine. Les fonctions seront ensuite contrles en interne par Robomow avant chaque utilisation, ce qui garantira un processus de tonte sr, chaque fois.

L’historique des blessures avec Robomow compar aux statistiques gnralises susmentionnes prouve sa scurit. Sur les 80 000 blessures provoques par des tondeuses rapportes aux tats-Unis, aucune delles na t cause par une tondeuse Robomow. Sur une priode de plus de dix ans, les tondeuses robotises sont connues pour n’avoir inflig que peu de blessures.

Quelque soit la tondeuse, dautres lments dangereux feront leur apparition, tout simplement parce que nous devrons toujours tondre notre pelouse. Les lames aiguises et leur vitesse de rotation seront toujours prsentes, seulement quelques centimtres de nos mains et pieds. Heureusement, grce lavance de la domotique et des options de scurit uniques, les risques ventuels lis lutilisation de la tondeuse ne deviennent pas ncessairement une ralit.

Robomow est une tondeuse entirement automatise utilisant une technologie de pointe et qui coupe votre pelouse une hauteur optimale et recharge galement sa batterie intgre. La tondeuse utilise un algorithme de couverture de zone avanc, lui permettant de tondre plusieurs sections de pelouse de manire gale et ce, dans diffrentes directions. En plus de sa capacit de tonte, Robomow introduit le processus d’herbicyclage, en laissant derrire elle une fine couche dherbe coupe qui nourrit activement le sol, crant ainsi une pelouse clatante et luxuriante sans efforts.


Large shade trees look great, but it may be difficult to plant flowers that bloom underneath its shaded area. Ground cover is a much better choice. This will make your yard look nicer and it’s very simple to care for. Hosta and sweet woodruff are some ground covering options.

Prior to landscaping your yard, be sure you know where your property ends and where your neighbor’s begins. This is particularly important if there is no fence around your property to clearly define the boundaries. You don’t want conflicts with neighbors if you plant in their yard. You can find these pieces of info from a deed.

If you are doing your own landscape design, it would be a good idea to add mulch to your flowerbeds. Among the other benefits of mulch, it help your beds retain water especially in very hot, dry climates where moisture is a problem. Mulch helps your plants access the water they need to survive.

Also, think about the colors of fall when creating your new landscape. Many people are only concerned with summer or spring colors, but fall can often be the most pretty season of the year. This gives you a satisfying outdoor space even late into the fall.

Don’t let yourself give up on a project in landscaping just because you’re running low on money. Depending on how large your landscaping project is, you can do the project in phases and learn new things every step of the way. Who knows? You could find that it takes fewer plants to create the look you were after.

Soil type is a critical factor when determining the right landscape design for your property. Discover what plants thrive in your soil. You can replace your soil, however, if it’s too limiting.

Don’t try to buy all of your supplies at once; break the expense up into several phases. Most people do not have the money to quickly change their property. Do your project in parts and you can pay for a little bit at a time. This allows you to save on interest on your credit card or loan, as well as evaluate or change your plan as it progresses.

Many people don’t think about getting products for landscaping online. You not only will find online shopping more convenient, but will discover more choices if you look online. You may be able to buy rarer plants that are not native to your area at online stores.

When purchasing materials for your landscaping project, don’t always go with what is cheapest. A couple of elements you want to consider are return policies and reputation for good customer service. Do your research before you settle on something. When it’s all said and done, a little extra may save you a lot.

Try adding some variety among your flower beds or borders with different types of ornamental grass. These adorning grasses will do wonders to break up flower borders and add texture wherever they are planted. Often they are put down as a border on their own. With such a wide selection, it won’t be hard to find the perfect grass to complement your yard.

Learn to love curves in your outdoor spaces. You may want to consider a beautiful curving border to your landscape. It has been proven that curved borders not only are beautiful, but also can increase your property’s value. Although curved borders can be harder to create than those that are straight, the benefits of constructing these types of borders make it worth your effort.

Having a well-landscaped home is satisfying as well as a good hobby for the entire family. So, get busy and get the kids involved in the design and creation of a landscaping project. You will get to spend more time with your family while making your home a more beautiful place to live.


Not all of us are blessed with the gift of speech. While some folks are naturally gifted with eloquence and can hold an audience spellbound for hours, others merely can’t hold a decent conversation for more than five seconds.
As a great man once said, “some are born great; others have greatest thrust upon them”. You may not have been born with the capacity to have individuals listening to you as though the world’s solutions lies in your tongue, but with a few well practiced guidelines, you can easily find out how to.
Below are some steps that will aid you develop eloquence:
Share what you know: A break in conversation frequently crops up when there is a misunderstanding of certain information. Don’t pretend that you know it all. You will get caught if you do and may end up stammering away. Instead, share what you know and what you are confident about. Great conservations are not of necessity about world affairs. An informed talk about gardening can make your listener’s day.
Eye contact: It is imperative that you do not act as if your listener has the plague. A little eye contact goes a long way in saying, ‘what I’m saying will make more sense if it matters to you too’. Eye contact is a psychological tactic that makes your listener feel significant.
Listen: Most folks tend to dominate a conversation either out of conceit or insecurity. Either way, they end up making conservations one sided and stilted. If you truly want to speak eloquently and elicit positive responses, listen to your listener. What they have to say can steer the conservation into more meaningful waters.
The art of eloquence is just a matter of practice. Practice the above techniques and within a short time you will be astonished how eloquent you have become.


Many people I know believe that in order to be truly artistic a person has to be an artist. They must paint, draw or take brilliant photographs to have artistic talent. While These traits may make someone an artist, I believe that it takes something entirely different to be artistic. It is possible for literally anyone to live in ways that are artistic.

One of the most important aspects of being an artistic person is to be confident in yourself. Lack of self-confidence does not get anyone very far in living creatively. Look for positive qualities about yourself and dwell on those. If you think you are good at a particular activity you should practice it to become even better.

Think about the things you love to do most. I suggest that you can be artistic doing just about anything. Whether you love to sew, cook, or play soccer, you can do things in a way that is artistic and intriguing.

One of my favorite things to do is garden. I used to not think much about the way that I arranged or tended my garden. However, recently I have begun to see gardening in a whole new way. I have realized that I can arrange my flowers and plants in creative ways. I can care for them with tenderness and help them to grow to their highest potential. I have learned that being artistic is more about perspective than it is about what is actually being done.

Being artistic is all about seeing the world creatively and allowing yourself to do the things you enjoy and enjoy the things you do. Consider how you can do your favorite things in new ways. Think about how preparing a meal can become more than just cooking food. Look for ways to incorporate beauty and fine detail into your food and into your presentation. Being artistic is about going a step further than what is typical. If you love to play a sport, look for ways to play that sport with energy and grace. Almost anyone can hit a volleyball over a net, but few people can do it in a way that looks unique and graceful.

You will never be artistic in anything unless you are enjoying yourself. Don’t take life too seriously, but instead, look for ways to have fun and relax no matter what the circumstance.


Blogging is indeed one of the most popular things people do when they go online. In fact, majority of internet users now writes blogs and has their own blogging website. Blogging can get you quite famous.

In fact, some blog writers even became overnight sensation where their blogs spread like wildfire on the internet. In just a matter of days, millions of people have already read the blog and they still keep on recommending it to their friends to read. Blogging brings fame indeed, but you have to remember that you have to know what kinds of blogs have a high chance of success of becoming famous.

First of all, you need to remember that there are different kind of blogs. Not only that these blogs differ in content, but they also differ in the way the content is delivered. Here are two types of blogs that has the potential in gaining popularity in the internet.

The first kind of blog is the most popular one, which is the personal blogs. In blogs like this, the content will be somewhat like a journal or a diary by a particular person, most probably the writer. This is the most common blog and you will see a lot or in fact majority of blogs as personal blogs.

Although personal blogs don’t really get readers, the writers usually takes pride on their personal blog posts. You have to remember that blogs is not just a way of communicating with other people, but it also reflects on life, particularly the bloggers and all those around him or her. However, there are few personal blogs that does get famous.

You will also see blogs with media content. By far, this type of blog is used to promote art, photography and even videos. This blog can gain so much popularity as it will contain media that people will really want to see. Some people even make photo blogs or video blogs that contain their personal photos or videos with them doing wacky antics. In some cases, if the video or photos posted in blog is funny enough, it can gain a lot of popularity.

These are some of the types of blogs that can have potential in gaining popularity or fame. If you are good at writing about your personal life, then you might want to go for personal blogs. Although not many people will be that interested in knowing about your personal life, you have to consider that if your life is interesting enough, your personal blog can gain popularity.

However, if you happen to come across videos or photos of you and your friends or family doing things that people will definitely want to enjoy watching then photo or video blogging is for you. However, you have to make sure that the media you post is indeed entertaining in order for you to get positive feed back from your visitors.

These are two types of blogs that can bring you fame.

Just remember that blogging can bring fame if you do it right. By remembering these tips, you can be sure that you will be able to become famous just by blogging. In fact, you can even get so famous that you might even receive fan mails from thousands of people.


Chwasty mog by powanym problemem dla kadego ogrodu, nie wane jak due i jak mae. Nie wane jak bardzo by si stara, zawsze wydaj si odskoczy, gdy nie szukasz. Istnieje wiele rnych sposobw zabijania chwastw, w tym artykule opisz kilka z nich, aby pomc Ci mam nadziej, e je usun na dobre.

Ocet – Opryskiwacze octu na niektre chwasty bdzie ich zabi, ale nie wnikaj w gb korzenie, najlepiej jest stosowa ocet z rozpyla na suche dni.

Sl – Sl bdzie rwnie w pewien sposb na chwasty zabijania, ale moe rwnie doprowadzi do uszkodzenia gleby, zapobieganie wzrost innych rolin w przyszoci.

Zablokuj soca – Dziki zapobieganiu soca dotarcie do goej gleby, ktre mog mie przygotowane do sadzenia uniemoliwia chwasty od wzrostu, ale jest to mniej o sposb zabijania chwastw i bardziej prowizoryczny rodek, nasiona bd drzemi a do pokrywy, a niektre wystarczy niewielka ilo wiata sonecznego, zanim zaczn kiekowa.

Mulch-By cikowania terenw otwartych gleby mona zapobiec nasion kiekujcych. Mulch mog by wykonane z rnych materiaw, takich jak cita trawa, siano, roliny rozdrobnione, gazety rozdrobnione, odamki kory i kamykw. Jeli ubiegasz si cik najlepiej jest miejsce do grub warstw (8-10cm) nad tym obszarem.

Poar! – Killing chwastw za pomoc przedmuchu palnika mog by bardzo skuteczne i bardzo satysfakcjonujca! Ale take bardzo niebezpieczne i nie jest zalecane!

Cika praca! -Jednym z najbardziej skutecznych sposobw zabijania chwastw jest coraz w d na rkach i kolanach i utknicie w! Przed rozpoczciem pielenie, cofa wszystkie wysokie chwasty i usun je (za pomoc rkawic, jeli s one pokrzywy lub maj kolce!), A nastpnie wykopa d, do gleby i usun jak najwicej podstawy korzenia, jak to moliwe. Nawet najmniejsze resztki root moe odrosn. Nieco pielenie, czsto, moe mie due znaczenie, ale nie bdzie w stanie zatrzyma si nasiona do gleby i ponownie ronie w przyszym sezonie.

Wszystkie powysze opcje s skutecznym sposobem zabijania chwastw i mona zrobi do atwo (z wyjtkiem blow-pochodnia!). Opcje te s idealne, jeli nie chcesz uywa rodkw chemicznych w swoim ogrodzie.

Jeli jeste zadowolony uywa chemicznych produktw opartych w swoim ogrodzie to herbicydy jest najlepsza opcja. Zabijanie chwasty herbicydy nie tylko niszcz czci roliny mona zobaczy, ale take w gb korzenie i zatrzyma chwastw z ponownie ronie.

Jeli nie zdecydujesz si skorzysta z herbicydy na chwasty zabijania, zawsze naley najpierw przeczyta na etykiecie produktu przed uyciem jako rne produkty przeznaczone s do zastosowa w rnych obszarach i na rnych species.


A garden blower, popularly known as leaf blowers was originated in Japan in 1960s for dissipating pesticides in the gardens. Then the tool was improvised and turned into a machine for mustering debris. In 70s, leaf blowers along with brush cutters in Berwick were important tools in gardens, as these were labour saving equipped and easy to maintain landscaping. Garden blowers or leaf blowers are still very effective in cleaning leaves, grass clippings and debris from garden or open landscapes such as parking space, sports arena, side-walks etc. Leaf blowers are also very cost-effective and less time consuming.

Primary usage of leaf blowers

A garden blower is a significant tool in the garden, removing debris, grass clippings etc. Some of the important usages of leaf blower are:

It removes and collecting leaves.
It also eliminates grass clippings
It removes tangled grass from the garden and gives a smoother look
It is used in various landscapes such as parking lots, side-walks, construction sites etc.
It is also widely used in farm and construction equipment
During winter, it can be used as a tool to remove fluffy snow
It removes debris from pavement
Many people also use it as to clean rain gutters.

What are types of leaf blowers

Leaf blowers are categorized into two types: hand-held and backpack models. These blowers are powered by a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine and work on the vacuum principle. The tool also depends on the applications, so in the market you can find various types of leaf blowers.

Earlier blowers were not designed for residential purpose, so they were extremely clamorous. These days, blowers are quieter and efficient.

General rules for using leaf blowers

Before you use your blower, read the instruction manual carefully. Like Brush Cutter repairs Berwick, chainsaw assembly repair and other garden tools, there is also DIY guide available to repair your leaf blower if it is not working properly. You can also contact your manufacturer and call for help if the machine is in guarantee period. Some simple rules are:

Children should be kept outside from this machine.
Do not put the mouth of the blower to the direction of your pet of humans.
Keep people at least 50 feet away from the blower.
It is recommended not to use the blower if you are ill or intoxicated.
Garden blowers are meant for large open areas, so don’t use it indoor.
Understand your blower properly before you use it.
Do not try to modify it if you are not confident how to fix it.
Do not use the blower while standing on a ladder, rooftop or unstable surface.

Safety tips of your leaf blower

Wear protective gears such as goggles, non-slip gloves and sturdy shoes.
In dusty weather, always wear a dust mask.
Tie back your long hair while cleaning
Use the right type of fuel mix.
Always turn off and cool before refueling your blower. To relieve pressure in the tank, slowly release the cap of your blower.
Do not use your leaf blower to disperse fertilizers, chemicals or other toxic materials unless your machine is specifically designed for it.
Always clean up with lowest possible throttle.


What street number is your house?

Let’s find out what our house number brings into our life. How do we interact with its vibrations? Is it a “good” or “bad” number to live with?

“Numerology” invites us to look at all aspects of numbers in our lives. As there is no good or bad number to have, we need to realize that each number has its own vibration, with both positive and negative lessons for us to learn

Numerology awakens us to endless possibilities for personal growth. It opens up a window or door for us to move through into personal truth and understanding. Houses have vibrations; we all know the feel of some houses. It may have a warm feeling, a cool atmosphere, or a less than cheery sense about it.

In Numerology we can tell a lot about where we live by our street number. Often we are attracted to a particular house number over and over again. Some numbers deter us from moving in.

Remember back to a house that you have lived in. Think about the atmosphere. How did you feel while you were living there? What lesson did you finally learn from living in that house?

Perhaps you are now ready to learn the deeper level of that lesson. I love this quick and easy way to begin to understand how numbers interact in our lives; it really is the simplest one to do.

The first piece of information we need to understand is that we are only using the actual number of the house, apartment, block of land, or lot.

How are you going? are you getting the picture? I have really tried to get down to a simple level. Why? Because we all learn at our own level and pace. Being a person that takes time to learn I want to get the basics in place for you so you do not skip an important step. It is important to know exactly how to do this especially when reading for a “client” or friend.

Write down the numbers of your street address. We will just do the actual street number at this stage, there is a lot more you can do with the name of the Street, and Suburb, even your Zip or Post Code. As I have mentioned before Numerology is a multi-layered study there is always something more to learn.

For now we will just keep it simple….

Whatever we are reading in Numerology the year, a birth date, or a street number, must all be reduce to a single digit.

There are 2 exceptions to this Rule which I will explain. The numbers eleven, 11 and the number twenty two 22. These two numbers stay exactly as they are because they are Master Numbers.

They have a double value, and a special lesson, and indicate stronger energy than their lower counterparts 2 and 4. This is a lesson in its self so just go with this short explanation for now to keep it simple.

What is your house number?My house Number is 247

So 247 is the street address we are reading. Using a simple equation we will reduce 247 down to a single digit.

2+4+7=13 keep adding until you get a single digit. 1+3=4 There you have it! My house number is 4

Now look up the house number explanation list and learn what vibration you live with.

1. This house vibrates to Independence and has a definite Individual look or feel. Bold strong colours suit this house. Under this number you will learn adaptability, leadership, and emotional maturity. Be bold enough to start the project.

2. A gently spiritual energy vibrates in this house, a place where peace or meditation can be learned. Artistic, quiet soft colours. May need care and gardening, if rented. Spiritual development.

3. A very vibrant neat and joyous house energy. Quirky colour combination and decorating. Here you will learn to express your self artistically, musically, or through writing. Procrastination will be you major lesson.

4. The 4 home resonates to a neat uncluttered Practical vibration. It will have precise detail, balanced nuetral colours and low tones. This house will teach you practicality and organizing skills. It may need renovation which will keep you busy. A place to awaken self discipline, and reorganize budgets. This house will allow you to use your craft talents.

5. This house buzz’s to a social, busy, changing energy. You may only stay a short time in it. It may be untidy but no one minds. People are attracted to your house and love to party. Many trips will be planned and taken from this house. Its lesson is to expand your boundaries responsibility.

6. This house has the vibration of family, love and responsibility. Excellent taste in furnishings. Its gift is to become harmonious. This is a house to stay longer especially good for relationships. The lesson is to “help not carry”

7. This house has quiet spiritual vibration. It is where deeper energies are felt. It will bring together like minded souls. Unusual, odd, and mystical furnishings, with a gentle smell of incense. This house will allow you solitude to delve into the depths of life. Also a place for Musical instruments and heavy books. You will be challenged to find your inner faith in this house.

8. This is the Show house. It has a new clean modern energy and you feel the vibration of success at the front door. Everything matches. It will be strongly built, with some very new interesting feature. Music will set the mood, and it will make you feel that you to do better in you life.

9. This house has the energy of mental attainment. It will resonate to education, learning, creative off beat art, and will attract lots of children. It will be a maze of colours and patterns often not matching.

People will come and go and conversations may go on for hours. This house will teach you to be open minded and helpful to those in need.

11. This house will bring in all the values of the two. It will be harmonious and have a very spiritual aspect for relationships. With 11 it will be stronger, more deeply activated, so meditation and intuition may emerge in this house.

22. This house will have the energy of 4 doubled. It will bring in the ability to utilize all your practical skills and talents for the greater good of the community. It will challenge you to working to achieve and end result.

Each house number we have looked at has a specific vibration. This energy will be present in your house, and as you live your life in it you may find a new faint stirring deep inside. This would be the energy of that house reacting with your own numbers. So for instance you live at a number 4 house you may suddenly want to start saving money. You may realize that you have the space to do craft at last.

You may react to the many, many levels of that vibration and be totally unaware that it is having an affect on your life. Concentrate on your house number, and listen with your inner knowing to what it is gently nudging you to learn.